Friday, March 11, 2016

Maintenance work of the MOCVD

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- March-11-2016


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  2. vacuum issues: Found leak in vent line. Line is covered with white residue. Capping chamber outlet and vent line gives near perfect vacuum. Still not small leak with reactor outlet connected. Problem getting good seal on reactor outlet KF fitting, maybe due to alignment with elbow.
    Note: Do not use: Vent line is capped.

  3. Over the past week the manifold was removed from the MOCVD system. The manifold was fully dismantled, each valve was labeled 1-10 according to the matching position it was in on the manifold. Using IPA, toothpicks, and 3um diamond polish all pieces were cleaned. The Al and In lines were the worst and had a yellow deposit on them. The valves were reconnected to the manifold with valve #3 and #6 being swapped since #3 was still coated in yellow and is for Al and #6 is for liquid As, which is never used. New O-rings were put on the vent lines. The manifold was connected back into the system. ALPV4 and INPV4 were replaced with new valves, since the old ones were coated in the yellow debris. The ALMFC1 s/n 515760588 was removed and replaced with ALMFC1 s/n 021810488, which was switched out about a week ago.

  4. Flushed all lines and removed manifold. Vacuum is 0.67Torr/min with stopper.

  5. Ran multiple vacuum checks, removed/cleaned/replaced valve #6. Put manifold back into the system.