Friday, September 29, 2017

- Small leak detected at the sight glass on the oil trap.  Broke spanner while trying to reposition it.  Fixed sight glass in place with wire and super glue.

- Still picking up a small leak from the sight glass of the oil trap.  Covered it with vacuum epoxy.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

- Changed oil purifier filters and pump oil.

- Drained oil from pump and opened and cleaned oil tray and sight glass in the pump.  Refilled with new oil and ran vacuum pump and oil purifier the remainder of the day,  TGM was reading less than 5 ppb till around 8pm at which point it dropped to 0 ppb.  Pump and purifier were shut off at 9pm.

-Tried a growth and alarm went off at "fill lines" step.  Let pump cabinet air out then used hand sensor to test for leaks while running H2.  Hand sensor picked up on a leak near the pump cap, which also triggered the hand sensor without any H2 flowing through the system.  Left TGM tape around multiple points on the pump over night and the tape around the pump cap became discolored.

- Changed the O-ring on the pump cap as well as wrapped the cap threads with Teflon to create a better seal between the cap and pump.  Hand sensor didn't pick anything up so H2 and AsH3 were flushed through the system for 10min with no reading on the TGM.

- Tape was also changed on the TGM.

Friday, September 22, 2017


TGM alarm maxed out first in pump enclosure then in both pump and reactor enclosures, with minimum readings at the scrubber outlet and system enclosure.

Found a crack pipe clamp on the vacuum line going to the pump.  Replaced this connecting pipe clamp.

Replaced the pump oil.