Thursday, October 12, 2017

- Aluminum plug was made and placed in sight glass hole of oil trap.

- Aluminum plug was push out of oil trap by built up pressure.
- Clamp was used to secure Al plug in place while emptying H2 lines.

- Ran air through oil trap and scrubber.  Measured a 40psi pressure build up that would slowly decrease when air supply was stopped.
- Removed scrubber, emptied charcoal and measured ~3psi pressure build up while pushing air through the empty scrubber.
- Cleaned inside of scrubber with IPA and let dry overnight.

- Filled scrubber with new charcoal and measured ~10psi pressure build up when pushing air through it.
- Reconnected scrubber and oil trap still have clamp on oil trap plug, since we could not remove it.  However, oil trap was pressurized to ~70psi and the Al plug did not move. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

- Modified oil trap so both large and small filters can be used in it.
- Changed oil trap filter, using a larger one than normal.